Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wish List Pt. 1

My family always tells me I'm the hardest person to shop for. Weird, I've never had that problem myself..?? haa.. When gift time comes, they have no idea what to get me and I can never think of anything I want.. I can come up with all the boring things I need, i.e., proactiv, a vacuum, a swiffer, underwear, snow boots (cute ones if possible) & i can never have enough [black] tights.. But that's no fun- who buys proactiv or swiffers as a gift?? (I seriously did ask my mom for a swiffer for my bday cuz hey, Target is not so easy to get come by in New York!! ..Not in Wyoming either, so uh, that was dumb..).
The truth is, at any given moment, I have a about a million dream items in my head,
and listed allover my little pocket journal things that I really want to get for myself! (I'm not completely selfish, Alysson can share too :) I daydream about them all the time and pretend I'm saving up for them...
So, I decided to put it out there in a new series called
Wish List with the idea that maybe this will wo
rk like The Secret.. You know, where you put out the ((positive vibes)) and talk about things you really want/need and then they come to you! Yay, oh, i hope it works. Here goes..
Part 1
1. Make my house look like the Park Hyatt Seoul, Korea. See pic above. I stayed here last July on a work trip and was in **heaven**. The whole place is amazing- I walked around taking pics of every corner and like a million of the shower- weirdo! Oh well, then, I stalked the girls at the front desk until I got all the info about the beautiful space chair by the window.
1a. Cassina 123 Verdana Lounge
*completely obsessed. It folds up too. And it's soo comfy!! I'll be saving for this for a while.. maybe forever.....

1b. Cool gradient rug I found on Allmodernfurniture.com.

already got this pretty light from DWR that looks like the tall ones they have in the room.. haha.. obsessio overboard? maybe.. For some reason, I really love feeling like I'm in a clean hotel room with soft white sheets! Maybe it's because our apartment is the size of a HOTEL!!! haha, that's it. I'll post pics once it's all finished. Oh, and.. I'll post pics of our rooftop to try to entice all of you to come visit us! It's the most beautiful view of the city!

Coming soon on the Wish List series..
Part 2.
*Chanel boots*-Must find knock off's asap. Infact, shopping for knock offs on ebay and in Hong Kong might become a whole series of it's own..
Part 3.
*Neon Light Sign* for my wall- What should it say? "Abbie <3's> Alysson"? "Open"? Or just a picture of a parrot? haha..

Love you All xoxoxoxoxo...........Mariah Carey

**UPDATE**As Chris, my style manager, put it "that rug is sooo ugly".. So that idea is out.. good.. that will save me some money. Our shiny black coffee table arrived and now the warm lodgy feel like the park hyatt hotel is not working since our house is all black and white.. hmm.. we're thinking maybe NO rug, and we just need to get some decorations like pictures and stuff.. but i'm still saving up for my dream cassina chair!!!PS.. THANKS MOM FOR THE BEAUTIFUL VACUUM!!!!! I've been using it everyday :))) yay!!

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Linds said...

This is such a great idea. I am the same way. I ususally just ask for money or something lame, but in reality I spend my days wishing and hoping for everything under the sun. Hey, let me know if you find those Chanel knockoffs! I will send you some more black tights. They are easy to come by!
You are so funny. I love reading your blog!