Monday, July 13, 2009

Tintic Blanket Wear

This is an update to the last post, but deserves one all it's own.. It's too good! I was not joking around when I said that my aunt Karen made AMAZING blanket coats in the 90's! Kacie was kind enough to scan these amazing photos.. Here she is modeling for the lookbook...
Rachel and Lori modeling the variety of colors and lengths..

Aunt Kelly rocking an awesome 90's perm with her red smocking jacket version..
Best for last.. Grampa Bill looking tres chic. Like a real John Wayne in his coat.. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMPA BILL!!)
Fashion is not just a job for us McDonell's.. It's running through our veins!! haha. Love you guys so much!! Kacie, THANKS SO MUCH for scanning these amazing pictures for me!! Love them!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pendelton Coats are back!

Blanket Coats have been making their way back into fashion over the past couple years, but when I saw this new collab between Pendleton and Opening Ceremony, it gave me a total 90's flashback!! My Aunt Karen had a company called Tintic Blanket Wear and she used Pendleton fabrics to make coats and blazers in all these super amazing bright colors and patterns... I think for my like 12th birthday she gave me a teal aztec printed vest that I would rock on top of my oversized denim shirt! J'adore the 90's style!! lol.. I'm trying to get my cousin Kacie to send me pictures from their catalog, for which she was the model! I loved it and was super impressed!! Do you guys have any of those coats left that need a new owner? If so send them my way ;)) hehe. xoxo

photos from refinery 29..

Coco Avant Chanel- MUST SEE

Alysson and I got to go see an early screening of Coco Avant Chanel a few weeks ago at the Sony building with our bestie Kelly.. It comes out in September and I highly recommend that everyone should see it- Chanel lovers and film lovers alike.. I love a good fashion film and have watched probably every documentary about Chanel up to this point, but this is not a fashion movie- it is Avant Chanel afterall, and really shows her life before Paris and her love affairs with two dashing french men... Audrey Tatou was brilliant and all I want to wear now are nautical stripes!! J'adore!

Watch extended trailor HERE.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Idea, Pencil & Paper

Hi Loved Ones!! Everyone, please take a minute or two to check out Alysson's brand new website. It has all of his videos and sketches and an adorable bio that we wrote together..  **Also, once you're there, click on miscellaneous to see his new blog. click click click!!!

We have some exciting news! We found out a few weeks ago that Alysson has enough credits to graduate this year-- a whole year early!!!! We are beyond excited.. He already has an internship lined up at one of his favorite motion graphics firms that will begin right when his classes end in a month from now. I'm so proud of him and can't wait to see all the cool stuff he'll be working on!! If his website is any clue, then his future is bright!!! xoxoxoxo

Friday, April 10, 2009


"Everyone who lives in New York City says the same thing. It’s a harsh city, a city that can grab you, a city that’ll spit you out, a city that grips you, a city that’ll wear you down. Lots of people spent their first years here in tears.

But most of them just couldn’t leave. The energy is too insistent, the parties too crazy, the work too hard. And the dreams have no measure."

-Garance Dore

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dress like Coraline!

Did anyone else go see Coraline this weekend?!? We saw it Sunday in 3D (recommended) and loved it!! It's very beautiful and inspiring.. I think Alysson's head was going to explode! I admit that like usual, I was caught up in the "costumes" throughout the movie, though these were tiny clothes created for a precocious pre-teen claymation girl. She is quite a dresser and the whole time I was thinking Where did she get that amazing captain's hat!?? I searched my favorite online sources and put together 2 looks channeling our new friend Coraline's edge... in a grown up human way of course :)

LOVE Coraline's captain hat and yellow rain jacket, perfect for stomping through the rainy garden mud.. Her friend Wybie had some cool clothes too but that's anotha post...

leather greek fisherman's cap from
The Executive Shop, butterfly hair clips and yellow wellies from Asos, striped gloves and clear umbrella from Urban Outfitters, rain trench from JCrew

The outfit her "other mother" gives to her is tre adorable..

rhinestone star earrings, one shoulder star top and blue ankle booties from
Asos; star sweaters all from ebay, black skinny pants from Urban, black ankle booties with blue studs by Sigerson Morrisson for Target; nail polish in "opening night" and "skinny jeans" by OPI for Sephora.

Go See it now!! xxooxxoo

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spring Hair..

hi all! my hair is finally almost long enough to do these sweet heidi braids for spring. I love the messy look, it's so romantic!.. it's also good to keep my hair out of my way-- seriously i don't know what to do with all this long hair and i'm scared i'll get bored and chop it off again! (don't worry, alysson has already nixed that idea..) It took forevs to grow out my bangs, so i'm going to let them be long for now and just pull them back in a sweet little braid...

Nicole Richie's grecian braids were the inspiration for my wedding hair..

I love how these french braids look wrapping around the face.. un problemo.. Along with whistling and knitting, french-braiding is just not a skill that I've managed to pick up over the years.. i can use all the help i can get...........
Any tips on how to do a quick, easy french braid???

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spring Forward

welcome to my spring wish list.. I have to say, i'm always on the hunt for a bargain so being a "recessionista" actually suits me quite well! the pictures below are from my fave go-to online stores where i can almost always find the things i'm looking for (and more) at super steals.. Now if the weather would only bend to my every command and warm up already! I'm ready for spring!!!
First up.. FLORAL PRINTS!! they are blossoming up all over the place, from ditsy florals to liberty's to wild colorful abstract prints.. I love to see a sweet little floral piece mixed with black while it's still cold and then with bare legs and boots for spring/summer.... pics from asos, target and ebay.SHREDDED DENIM will be a new staple in my spring wardrobe.. i've already taken my seam ripper to a few pairs of my old jeans and am living in them--with tights underneath for now.. I love super faded out vintage looking bell bottoms and bleached skinnies. pics from abercrombie, la garconne, oak nyc, and acne jeans.
WASHED LEATHER pieces are really making a statement in nuetral colors (also want to note that there are actually some great looking faux leather jackets out there for those of you with that preference). i think a tan or white leather moto jacket is totally "the new black" for spring.. i want to layer one over everything! pics from
william rast, urban outfitters, acne jeans. i tend to believe that a girl can never have too many boots.. I spent all fall looking for the perfect ankle boot and then absurdly found 6 pairs at once. well, what could i do? for spring I think the sexy slouchy boot shape paired with dresses looks fresh.. pics from nine west, asos, isabel marant via and ann demuelemeester via seaofshoes.

and finally.. anything in LACE or that LACES-UP seems to really be getting my heart rate going lately.. i love black gothic lace, and for spring light creamy romantic colors will be making an appearance for sure.. well, knowing me, it will probably stay black! pics from hot topic, asos, whowhatweardaily, forever21, target.

what are you all shopping for this spring???

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Reads

Here are a few great blogs that I've been digging lately...
  1. Ok, who knew that Gwenyth Paltrow had her own blog?? Hurry click over to GOOP and sign up immediately for her newsletter. She sends out emails with delicious recipes, hotel and restaraunt suggestions, clothing recommendations and pictures of her wearing the pieces! Martha Stewart better watch her back! I have to admit I wasn't a huge fan before and thought she was a big snob, but now??... J'ADORE!!!
  2. Sea of Shoes & Atlantis Home -- Mother and daughter, Judy & Jane Aldrige are a quite fabulous duo, with fabulous blogs to match.. Coming out of a small town in Texas, you wouldn't necessarily imagine finding people with such refined taste, let alone a whole family of uber stylish.. (actually I think Texas may have more to offer than I think-- have any of you been to Dallas or Austin lately?? i heard the art/music scene is great).. Jane blogs about shoes, clothes and art, while Judy mostly shares pictures of inspiring home design and her remodeling projects-- their home is beyond gorgeous by the way.. I'm taking notes ladies...
  3. The Selby -- Todd Selby is a photographer who shoots artists, designers, stylists, and celebrities in their homes. He gets many of the shots published in magazines, but posts the rest of the pictures and behind the scenes interviews on his blog. Maybe I'm just nosy, but I find it fascinating to see the way creative people live and how they decorate their own spaces..

  4. Cup of Jo-- I just found her blog yesterday and me thinks me loves already.. She writes about all sorts of fun things from home design, to new hair styles to celebrities. She also writes a blog for called Smitten about love & romance, it's quirky and cute. She is getting married and gives lots of cute inspiration and awesome photographs (reminds me of Veronica's photos..) Super cute!

  5. Last but not least, My Daily Style is written by Spanish fashionista M*.. This girl takes being fashionably pregnant to a whole nother level - She makes it looks so easy and chic! I swear I want to dress just like her but without the baby growing inside! haha not yet anyways.. But for you pregnant girls, she is a great inspiration!

I have tons of other blogs i check up on daily (mostly fashion related which doesn't help my online shopping habits..) But I thought these 6 would be interesting to share.

What blogs are you reading right now??? xxooo

got MLK?

Not only was I super happy & surprised to find out that we get 1/2 day off Friday and Monday off work for Martin Luther King Day, but i've been I've been so excited and looking forward to the Inaguration for months!! I think it's pretty incredible that Obama becomes the first African American President in history the day after MLK's birthday. I have dreams of the great things to come for our country. The pride is overwhelming.

What are you all doing for the long weekend?? xxoo