Monday, November 12, 2007

It Feel like Atlanta, it feel like LA, it feel like Miami, It feel like N-Y

Here's a list of some goods & bads about living in N to the Y
Pro: Living with deebs and our mini family- Michael, Chris, Kelly & Abby [dog].
Con: Living so far away from all our family and friends in Cali, Wyo, Utah :(
Pro: Don't have to drive.
Con: Mean cab drivers who try to ruin my day.
Pro: Everything is close by & convenient
Con: Why are plane tickets to Cali for xmas so expensive????
Pro: We're closer to Europe!
Con: Why are plane tickets to Wyoming so expensive??? (seriously more than a flight to Europe?.. come on!!!)
Pro: People love to come visit us here!
Con: It's sooooo expensive here!!!
Pro: Being around people of all different cultures who all accept eachother (mostly).
Con: Hot wing leftovers on the sidewalk, subway, etc. what????? who does that..
Pro: Love my job!
Con: Life is ALL about work.
Pro: Girls in my office who have Valley Girl accents even though they're from the east coast..
Cons: Not getting to hear my favorite linguistador's Sarah & Nicky talking real Cali valley everyday..
Pro: Great food, so many cute little restarants to try! mmm... sushi, latin, BRAZILIAN!
Con: Mexican food here is either really disgusting or really expensive (and not really mexican)..
Pro: Get to dress for all 4 seasons
Con: It's FREEZING!!!

...To be Continued


chocolate eclaire said...
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Claire said...

oops i accidentally logged into the wrong account and left a comment. but i just said i loved it and laughed sooo much!

The Hess Family said...

So Abbie - does that mean I can come and visit?? I love your blog. You and Claire are such intellectual bloggers, you put the rest of the family to shame. I do love being able to check in and see what is new with everyone. Thanks for blogging!

Also, we went to Mexico at the end of the summer and the Mexican food in Mexico was not a good as in Cali either!

Linds said...

Abbie, NY sounds like a great place to just come and visit. Do you mind?