Monday, July 13, 2009

Tintic Blanket Wear

This is an update to the last post, but deserves one all it's own.. It's too good! I was not joking around when I said that my aunt Karen made AMAZING blanket coats in the 90's! Kacie was kind enough to scan these amazing photos.. Here she is modeling for the lookbook...
Rachel and Lori modeling the variety of colors and lengths..

Aunt Kelly rocking an awesome 90's perm with her red smocking jacket version..
Best for last.. Grampa Bill looking tres chic. Like a real John Wayne in his coat.. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMPA BILL!!)
Fashion is not just a job for us McDonell's.. It's running through our veins!! haha. Love you guys so much!! Kacie, THANKS SO MUCH for scanning these amazing pictures for me!! Love them!!!


Libby said...

I totally remember your teal vestibule! Very hot. Those were the days. I was trolling through my calendar last night and noticed your first anniversary is coming up!!! Just in case I don't tell you later-congrats to you!!

Scott and Mary McDonell said...

Awesome blog, Abbs!!!

Liz said...

These pictures kill me. Love everyones hair! And grandpa in his sexy tight jacket.

Totally Hess said...

The coat I have is the one Kelly is sporting with her perm. I guess I'll have to wear it this winter. Love the pictures! I love that Buck is sitting so nicely next to me, and that Kelly and Grandpa are at 512 Santiago.
Kacie - I've always wondered, why only one earring?