Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We will miss you Buzz Dog

I'm so sad today after hearing last night that our family dog of 10 years, Buzzy, died on Monday night. I have so many great memories of him like Claire wrote on her page. He was her dog and she got him with a big bow on his neck for her 8th bday. I remember that day so well! Even to the end he was the epitimal puppy, always with so much energy and playfulness, I guess that's why it came as such a shock to me that he is gone.
My favorite memory of Buzz is how he loved playing soccer so much that whenever possible, he would escape from our house and run immediately down the street to the elementary school and steal the ball from the kids in their soccer games and run around the feild with all the parents chasing him. He was the best dog! He was so cute with one big black patch over his right eye. My Mom told me that when they moved to the farm, he decided it was his job to take care of the horses and would sit with them all day, monitoring them and nipping at their heels. I will miss seeing his friendly face when I go home to Wyoming. He was a great dog and a great friend to all of us. RIP Buzzy. I hope to see you again.

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Claire said...

awww... this made me laugh, then cry. hah. miss buzz always, and hope we can all see him again too.