Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Eric Gingerich, 36, a junior high social studies teacher, normally votes Republican, but voted Tuesday for Obama at an elementary school in Hilliard, Ohio, near Columbus. "I like how he can bring the two parties together and the country together," he said.

I read this today on MSNBC and have heard similar stories of crossover voting from friends. The range of support that Obama is pulling in, from new young voters to old folks, to republicans crossing the line, to people who never cared about politics before, shows that his message has hit deep with many Americans. He has given people the awareness that we can make a difference in our country and live in a place that is inspiring and full of promise. Everyone has been throwing around the word "hope" like it is a false pledge or perhaps something only for the naive or to be ashamed of. To me, it's not just a word. It's an emotion. Obama has provided me with overwhelming HOPE, excitement and emotion for what's to come in my country. I know I'm young, and this is the first presidential race that I have followed really closely, but I feel like there hasn't been a candidate like Obama, maybe ever.
To be quite honest (and emotional), I have such a great hope in Obama, that I, among others, have an inward fear for his safety. Losing him would be devestating to me. It reminds me of the kind of leader that JFK was and why it was such a dark day when he was lost. He conjured up hope in regular people. I feel inspired to work hard when I listen to Obama because he is a regular man who struggled all his life to make it just like everyone else.

NAIVE OR NOT, I like to be hopeful and inspired to do more in my life for my country and community. And that is what Obama has triggered in me. Go Obama!!


Claire said...

awww Abbs, i love it. it makes me really emotional as well. i watched that hope music video with him by the black eyed peas with all the celebrities and started crying. i hope he wins.

love you so much and i'm so glad to have you as my sister.

CrissyB said...

omg!! I was just talking to someone about the similarities between Obama and JFK and thought the exact same thing about his safety. It's really scary, but possible. There are twisted peeps out there that fear change, even if it's positive. Nonetheless, he's making history :)

Yey! You have the Obey for Obama campaign poster!! When he wins I'll send you the huge one I have here in the office, lol!