Monday, January 7, 2008

Serial Case of the Mondays

Does anyone else get super bummed out when Monday morning rolls around? (I suspect that Sarah shares my dread.. On Monday mornings our daily phone call is spent lamenting over the end of another perfect lazy weekend **And some Road Rage on her end).
I feel strongly that life would be much better for everyone if the weekend was 3 days instead of 2. Saturday is made for brunch and shopping. Sunday is made for sleeping in, sitting on the couch and trying to make it downstairs to the gym. Just imagine the stuff I could get done with an extra day at my disposal.. Errands, grocery shopping, laundry, more movie watching.. [Ok, those are things that normal people probably get done in 2 days, but it's just not working out for me.]
I'm not even close to being productive on Mondays. I sit here staring at the wall wishing I was still on the couch watching democratic debates (new obsesh).. I don't particularly enjoy talking to anyone or answering questions on Mondays. Maybe there is a hat I can wear that says "not today, back away" to softly hint that it might not be the best time to approach me.
Mondays are extremely uninspired, and I have so many colorless thoughts rolling through my head... "maybe i really suck at my job; maybe i should get a NEW job; maybe i should move on to London; i wish i knew how to design something cool like gadgets and furniture; i wish a job existed that was pure fun time all the time, no boring work work.." Oh see how ungrateful I am? It's all Monday's fault!!..
I'm going home now and will start fresh tomorrow. Tuesday is going to be amazing!!! I promise to post a very uplifting and happy blog tomorrow about our plans for 2008! 2008=great xoxoxo

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Kelly said...

I am glad that "Mondays" happen on the east coast too! At least yours didn't involve puke!! Ha!Ha! Hope your Tuesday is a fabulous as can be!! Love Ya!!

Linds said...

I second the motion for a three day weekend. I am glad I am not the only one that feels totally inadequate as an employee on Mondays because I can't possible muster up the energy to think, let alone actually be productive!!

Newbaric said...

hello you, Congrats on the engagement, thats huge!!! Best wishes!

I am so stoked for you. You are amazing Abbs, keep up being you and stay in touch!

Claire said...

ahhh i miss you sooo much! i hate the mondays, and i'm having one of those weeks so far... not a good sign with school. :) love you so much and love reading your blog!

Claire said...

p.s. loves the picture of you and your work friends is it? love the girl trying to be you... haha