Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trends & Deadlines

We are in our design cycle for Holiday 08 and working late is the usual to meet our deadlines (It's 10:09pm and I'm finally going home from work!). We've gotten almost all of the drawings done, and today I presented the first delivery of our collection to my bosses- it went really well and they loved everything! Phew! Tomorrow we will finish- hopefully it will go smoothly so we can have a stress free weekend. I thought I would share some of the key trends for the coming year, since it's all fresh in my mind.

*70's inspired shapes: Maxi coats, A-line leather trenches, Faux leopard fur swing coats, high waisted flare leg jeans, Mens inspired tuxedo jackets and pants and sexy printed silk dresses. Just think Sears catalog from '77 as your inspiration. -Oh yeah, the fluffy hair is coming back too ;)

*Color blocking: it's all about mixing bold colors. My favorite combos are neutrals mixed with pop neons, i.e. khaki with bright melon as below pic. Jewel colors and brights will also be important- I'm wearing lots of colored tights lately to try to get out of my Black box!

--How cool is it to colorblock your house??? WAY COOL.

*Mixed Prints! The runway pics seem crazy, but I really like this trend when its done right. You can do mini stripes mixed with plaids or florals, or 2 floral prints in complementary colors. Or do a nuetral print with a bold black and white sandals-like balenciaga on the below right :)

*Sheer Madness. Sheer chiffon pieces are majorrr next year. They are all over the runways- Even sheer pants which is suprisingly cute (I've been looking for a vintage pair from the 50's/70's on ebay!). Seriously. But if you don't want your panties hanging out, try a sheer sleeve or a sheer jacket or trench.

Ok, that's all for now, I'll share more trends forecasts as I get into them. My brain is going to explode so I gotta go home to my sweet Alysson. Wish me luck on presentation round 2 tomorrow! xoxo


Veronica Reeve said...

Holy cow Abbie! I feel like I have my very own fashion consultant. I LOVED this post! I LOVE that you know all this stuff. You are amazing!! Ok, be watching for pics of me sporting these new trends, I'll be the coolest gal in O-Town!

Totally Hess said...

Thanks for the fashion advice Abbie! I love knowing the trends, even if I won't be keeping up! Maybe I can grow some fluffy hair??

I want to see the stuff you design - show us pictures and get us samples!

Good luck on your presentation.

michele said...

Yay! My hair may be back in style! Thanks for all the tips. And please do post pix of your designs.

Juan and Rachel Johnson said...

Thanks Abs!! I think the highwaisted flare jeans will be out for me this year :)
But I hope to take advantage of lots of cute dresses. And sheer pants sound scary but very nice for the hot Arizona weather (but seriously, how do you hide your unders??).

Alysson & Abbie said...

Yeah!! I want to post some of my sketches for next year, I'll gather the cutest ones and post them soon.
And Aunt Michele-- your hair is so hot- I've always wished mine was like yours, especially when you used to tie it in a knot on top of your head in the 80's- like on Blockbusters!!! Remember that?? So cool...

Joyce said...

Thanks for sharing!! It is funny how trends come back into style after a decade or two!! I bet your boss LOVES everything you do b/c you are so awesome at what you do!! Have a great weekend!!

Linds said...

This is great. We all get the inside scoop. I have my own fashonista to give me the heads up, even though I dont' think I will be wearing the 70's inspired jeans for a bit yet!!

michele said...

Blockbusters! Ha! Your Dad: "AAAsia."