Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oi Peixinho Bonitinho!

Please say hello to our new pet Peixe (pronounced Pay-shee), which means fish in Portuguese. He is a beautiful orange iridescent beta- I think he is posing as a goldfish to appear sweet and innocent, but I know better. At first he was a little afraid and pretended to be sleeping every time we went to look at him, but now he does laps around his tiny globe house at lightening speeds (it was hard to catch a good pic of him). Even though he is probably the most low maintenance pet around, Alysson has so politely informed me that I'm a very bad fish owner [and Christmas tree owner] and they would die if Aly wasn't here to feed them! hahaaa.. sad but true.. But I love them still.


Scott & Mary McDonell said...

Love your new pet! Do you still have Sushi?

Abbster said...

Sushi died :( I swear it wasn't my fault..

Scott & Mary McDonell said...

Ah, I suspected as much by Aly's concern about your pet-owner abilities! Take good care of Peixe - he's beautiful! XXXOOO