Friday, October 26, 2007

Life of a Revolutionary Thinker

One of the many fun things about living with the genius that is DB (dreamboy) is coming home every night to behold his latest creations on paper and computer. He is a creative mastermind! I'm in constant amazement of how he visualizes his ideas thinking of every tiny detail that will make the image authentic adding his signature quirkiness and style in every corner. Did I mention he is hilarious? I was cracking up when i saw this and watched it 10 times!! Entitled "Bad Manners in the Dining Room"

Yeah.. Maybe trying to get a girl tipsy and lookin her up isn't gonna fly.. haha, I'm loving the sound effects!!! Not to mention the music is one of my fave songs ever- Kings of Convenience, "I'd rather dance with you".
We are twin nerds so we're constantly showing eachother our new tricks, shortcuts and skills on the computer and critiquing eachothers drawings. I'm thoroughly impressed at how quickly he acquired maaaajor skills with animation! Soon he will be going to work in the blossoming industry of motion graphics.
The next 2 years of art school life will surely be exciting and inspiring, but I can't wait to see who snatches him up after graduating.. MTV? Bravo? Hope so.. Loves me a bit of Top Chef! hehe. . Or maybe have a small firm of his own art directing all sorts of projects. Fascinating :)


Libby said...

Hill-larious!! You've got to watch out for lazer vision. It'll get you every time.

Kelly said...

Love it! Love the bloggity blog! Gald to see more about you guys and whats hot in the city!!

Scott & Mary McDonell said...

Holy Schnike - Alysson is talented, and besides the motion graphics, the storyline is cool. Good job, Aly!