Thursday, October 25, 2007

"The Family that Blogs Together, Stays Together"

Hi Friends & Family!!!

I had to get in on the blogging fun!! Yay! I love reading all your blogs: Dad & Mary, Grampa, Claire, Aunt Kelly & Michele, cousins Rachel, Kathryn, Joyce, Lizzie, Lori, friends in Utah Kels, Libs & Vern! So much great entertainment when I need a break from work..
My dad helped me decide on the name Smalls in the City.. My nickname is Smalls (since I look like the little boy from Sandlot.. yeah, i said little boy..) and I'm living in New York City, far far away from my precious family and all the things I love in California..
I'll be blogging about my life here and all the "interesting" experiences that come along with this crazy city, working long exhausting hours (fashion is not as glamorous as you think people!), yet loving my job, my progress I'm making furnishing our apartment o' love (i'm obsessioo with it..), karaoke with the twins and kels (weekly event), life with my sweetheart genius twin nerd boyfriend Alysson, and sharing all my latest obsessions- furniture, fashion, ebay and beyond!
In my head I'm always thinking "I wish I could write a blog about what just happened to me and see what everyone thinks". That's how I knew it was time to blog baby.. We'll see if anyone even reads this! haha..
Now back to work.. I have a long night ahead of me!!


Claire said...

yay abbs!! i need to change mine to make more sense and to get in on this more! i've got a new saying... the family that blogs together, stays together! haha. i love you! can't wait to see what comes next...

Claire said...

haha!! loves the new title!

michele said...

Excellent title/blog name Smalls! Your life sounds so great and since I totally have a crush on Allyson if I couldn't be me, I would want to be you!

Juan and Rachel Johnson said...

Yeah Abbie is here!!! I am so excited. And yes, your life in the big city is very exciting!! xo