Friday, April 10, 2009


"Everyone who lives in New York City says the same thing. It’s a harsh city, a city that can grab you, a city that’ll spit you out, a city that grips you, a city that’ll wear you down. Lots of people spent their first years here in tears.

But most of them just couldn’t leave. The energy is too insistent, the parties too crazy, the work too hard. And the dreams have no measure."

-Garance Dore


Scott and Mary McDonell said...

Does this mean you ain't never coming home? :( sad daddy :(

Libby said...

Whenever I visit the city, I don't want to leave. It just fascinates me. Kudos to you for living the dream!!

Abbie said...

No Daddy, what this means is that while New York may have me it's it's grips for now, I look forward to the day when I can peel free from it's cold dead hands and head somewhere beautiful and smells like anything other than dirt & urine!!! hahaa.. so i guess that i kinda heart new york.. Like Denise Richards says: "It's Complicated"..... xoxoxxxxxx