Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Reads

Here are a few great blogs that I've been digging lately...
  1. Ok, who knew that Gwenyth Paltrow had her own blog?? Hurry click over to GOOP and sign up immediately for her newsletter. She sends out emails with delicious recipes, hotel and restaraunt suggestions, clothing recommendations and pictures of her wearing the pieces! Martha Stewart better watch her back! I have to admit I wasn't a huge fan before and thought she was a big snob, but now??... J'ADORE!!!
  2. Sea of Shoes & Atlantis Home -- Mother and daughter, Judy & Jane Aldrige are a quite fabulous duo, with fabulous blogs to match.. Coming out of a small town in Texas, you wouldn't necessarily imagine finding people with such refined taste, let alone a whole family of uber stylish.. (actually I think Texas may have more to offer than I think-- have any of you been to Dallas or Austin lately?? i heard the art/music scene is great).. Jane blogs about shoes, clothes and art, while Judy mostly shares pictures of inspiring home design and her remodeling projects-- their home is beyond gorgeous by the way.. I'm taking notes ladies...
  3. The Selby -- Todd Selby is a photographer who shoots artists, designers, stylists, and celebrities in their homes. He gets many of the shots published in magazines, but posts the rest of the pictures and behind the scenes interviews on his blog. Maybe I'm just nosy, but I find it fascinating to see the way creative people live and how they decorate their own spaces..

  4. Cup of Jo-- I just found her blog yesterday and me thinks me loves already.. She writes about all sorts of fun things from home design, to new hair styles to celebrities. She also writes a blog for called Smitten about love & romance, it's quirky and cute. She is getting married and gives lots of cute inspiration and awesome photographs (reminds me of Veronica's photos..) Super cute!

  5. Last but not least, My Daily Style is written by Spanish fashionista M*.. This girl takes being fashionably pregnant to a whole nother level - She makes it looks so easy and chic! I swear I want to dress just like her but without the baby growing inside! haha not yet anyways.. But for you pregnant girls, she is a great inspiration!

I have tons of other blogs i check up on daily (mostly fashion related which doesn't help my online shopping habits..) But I thought these 6 would be interesting to share.

What blogs are you reading right now??? xxooo


Scott and Mary McDonell said...

I'm reading your blog right now, Smalls, and loving every word and syllable. Luv, Papagiorgio

Scott and Mary McDonell said...

Abbie - you're back! Yay! I love reading your blogs. Thanks for the great, fun!!! XXXOOO Mars

Lyndsea Tim Tim said...

Abbie!! I was trying to find an email address and remembered my mom telling me you guys had a blog! I found you! I am glad you are blogging again 'cause we miss you both terribly and I love to hear how you're doing! Also...I started a blog about Dylan! Lots of pics of her up! Hope you get the chance to check it out! We love you guys, hope you're well!
love, Lyndsea