Sunday, August 10, 2008


We are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Castro!!

We had the best day of our lives yesterday. It was everything we ever dreamed of with great thanks to our families for all their help love and support, Nicole & Joel for giving us their beautiful house for the reception and to Kedma & Adna for organizing and designing everything, and our best friends for being amazing and loving and giving their never ending support. Thank you to all who were there, and we missed everyone who couldn't make it!

We are off to Brazil tomorrow and will have many many pics to post when we get back! For now, go to the McDonell Family blog and/or Hess Family blog (on list to the left) to see some more pictures/slideshows of the wedding!

I love you my husband!!!!!!


Liz said...

Im so sad we couldn't make it. But you looked Amazing, and I love your dress. We'll have to meet up sometime so I can meet your Hubby.

Rachel Johnson said...

I agree with Lizzy! You did look amazing. Congratulations again!

Libby said...

I love it!! You looked so gorgeous. The dress was so perfect. The setting was breathtaking. Aly looked so handsome. Everything seemed just right. Congrats. I can't wait to hear about Brazil!!

kEllY said...

Hope you're having fun in Brazil! Can't wait to see pictures!